Ford’s first fully electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning, has been selling like hotcakes. However, with winter upon us, Ford has released a few tips to help Lightning drivers get the most out of their range in the cold weather.

Buyers began receiving their Ford F-150 lightning electric pickups in May 2022 as the automaker extended the best-selling passenger vehicle (F-150) into the future of electric mobility.

Ford calls its electric pickup the “smartest, most innovative F-150 yet,” and boy, were they right on the mark with that. Lightning drivers quickly realized their EV truck had much more capabilities than just getting them from point A to point B.

The F-150 Lightning includes an innovative feature that turns the EV pickup into a mobile generator, or what Ford refers to as “Pro Power Onboard.”

Lightning drivers have used the advanced technology to provide mobile response during devastating floods, power home essentials after hurricanes, and even make a movie set deep in the woods.

Meanwhile, Ford F-150 Lightning owners are gearing up to take on another battle – the cold weather. Ford released a few tips to help owners maximize their range and get the most out of the Lightning pickups this winter.

Tips to boost Ford F-150 Lightning range in the winter

Ford tested the F-150 Lightning electric pickup in extreme cold weather conditions with months of driving in Alaska and Michigan’s upper peninsula. The battery has been tested with temperatures as low as -40°F. Here are a few tips Ford suggests to boost range in the winter.

  • Park in the garage if possible.
  • Keep your F-150 Lightning plugged in when parked.
  • For longer trips, precondition your car using departure timings to warm the battery while plugged in with the FordPass app or the truck’s center screen.
  • Use heated seats and steering wheel (if equipped) as primary heat to reduce energy use.
  • When charging (especially with DCFC), turn the heater off or lower the temperature.
  • Bush all the snow off your truck before leaving to limit extra weight and drag.
  • Drive at average speeds, as higher speeds can drain energy faster.
  • Keep tire pressure in check.

It’s no secret that cold weather can affect the driving range and performance of all vehicles (including gas-powered ones). However, these few tips can help you get the most out of your Ford F-150 Lightning this winter.


Peter Johnson

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