Global marine charging network Aqua superPower continues to expand its reach and promote electric boat adoption with its latest partnership. It has teamed up with award-winning electric boat manufacturer Ingenity Electric to establish compatibility standards in marine e-mobility to expedite electric boat adoption and the charging infrastructure necessary to support it.

Aqua superPower controls an entire marine-specific, dockside network of fast chargers for electric boats, utilizing connected software and an accessible app for 150 kW fast chargers specifically engineered and rated for use in marine environments.

The marine fast charging network began expanding its footprint earlier this year following a partnership in late 2021 with Tritium – a DCFC hardware and software manufacturer. With a technology partner in its Rolodex, Aqua superPower then began adding electric boat brands to its team, beginning with Swedish electric boast manufacturer, X Shore.

Since then, Aqua superPower and X Shore have been collaborating together to promote electric boat adoption in Europe and North America. Here in the US, the marine charging network has been implementing its technology on docks at Lake Tahoe and Lake Michigan.

As Ingenity Electric’s lineup of all-electric boats continues to grow along with its customer base, it has partnered with Aqua superPower to not only help expand the marine charging network but also establish the necessary standards for interoperability, safety, and compatibility throughout the nascent segment.

Creating a seamless experience in electric boat fast charging

Ingenity Electric and Aqua superPower announced their new partnership in a press release today, sharing a sentiment of support and collaboration in order to deliver a robust marine charging network worthy of convincing consumers that the switch to electric boats is easy and charging them can be seamless.

Together, the companies will jointly promote marine e-mobility in the sports and leisure boat sector while driving compatibility standards throughout it as innovation grows. Ingenity launched its 23E luxury day boat at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this year. Its flagship model, the GS22E, was awarded Boat of the Year by Boating Magazine from a candidate pool of 100 different vessels tested, becoming the first all-electric vessel to receive the honor.

Ingenity has chosen to adopt the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard from the automotive industry in order to more easily enable DC and AC charging throughout its range of electric boats. When pitching its product to potential customers, Ingenity must ensure a robust charging network is not only available but easy to use. That’s where Aqua superPower currently shines as one of the global leaders in marine charging. Ingenity president, Sean Marrero, spoke:

Ingenity will continue to lead the way in enabling boaters to do what they love on the water in a more sustainable way, but electrification is about more than just boats. We must also come alongside like-minded companies to provide the next generation of infrastructure, distribution, and support. There is nobody doing more on the marine charging side than Aqua superPower, and we are happy to be working closely with them to create a better tomorrow today for more boating customers.

Ingenity states that its intelligent software with remote charge monitoring and navigation will work seamlessly with aqua superPower’s growing network and user app. The app enables electric boat owners to locate the nearest charger, navigate to it, and manage a given charging session.

Together, Ingenity Electric and Aqua superPower will continue their work in reducing the carbon impact of boating on the marine environment and create a user-friendly experience for all those who make the transition to zero-emission boating.

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