A man with a knife has been shot dead by armed officers after being spotted in the car park of a police station in Derby.

Police have said the identity of the man remains unknown following the shooting at 10.03am this morning.

He was shot in the car park of a police station off Ascot Drive and later died in hospital.

Police had spotted the man on site before armed officers were called in.

Officers later administered first aid at the scene until paramedics arrived.

The man was taken to hospital by ambulance but declared dead on arrival.

Derbyshire Constabulary said efforts to identify the man are ongoing.

No officers, staff or members of the public were injured during the incident.

James Douglas, 24, works at a shop which faces the police station and saw some of the events unfold.

He told Derbyshire Live: “I heard a male officer shout ‘drop the knife!’ and heard three loud gunshots.

“There was a load of police officers running over to the corner. There was loads of shattered glass and car windows smashed.”

Mr Douglas added: “I was right up to the fence. I could see the aftermath of what happened. There was quite a large crowd of coppers. I presume there was a guy on the floor.”

Emma Smalley, 28, had been shopping in a nearby B&M shop when the shooting took place.

She told Derbyshire Live: “We heard about six massive bangs and didn’t know what it was at the time. Everyone got evacuated. I’ve had to leave everything in there.

“I just thought it was banging. I didn’t know whether it was a delivery for B&M or someone in the warehouse. It was noisy. It’s quite scary to think that if I’d been any later getting there I could’ve witnessed it.”

Police said a cordon is in place and Ascot Drive is closed.

Two marked police cars have been seen guarding a blue forensics tent at one side of the cordon near the police station car park.

Derbyshire Constabulary said in a statement: “At 9.55am today (7 October) officers reported seeing a man armed with a knife in the secure car park of Ascot Drive Police Station, off Ascot Drive in Derby.

“Armed officers were sent to the scene, and at 10.03am a police firearm was discharged.

“The man, whose identity is unknown, sustained a gunshot injury and East Midlands Ambulance Service were requested to attend.”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been informed of the shooting.