After teasing a new “Camp Mode” feature earlier this week, Rivian has rolled out its latest software update to include the new function along with a bunch of cool features to try out during the long holiday weekend. Check it out footage from Rivian below.

Since its inception, Rivian has prided itself on being an EV brand with a keen focus on sustainability, and a prominent theme it is overall ethos is time spent enjoying the outdoors. Although Rivian’s first two EVs are designed (and priced) as luxury vehicles, they are also well equipped to handle tough terrain of the outdoors.

The sheer number of customizations and add-ons available to consumers configuring their own R1T pickup or R1S SUV is quite astounding, especially if you’re into camping or action sports.

When we got one of our first looks at the R1T up close, we were able to test out some awesome accessories, like the Camp Kitchen and three person roof tent designed alongside Yakima. We also had to climb through the gear tunnel… it’s a right of passage.

Whether it’s off-roading, mountain biking, or car camping, Rivian has had you in mind when designing its EVs and adventure network of chargers. The latest feature now available to EV owners via OTA update is “Camp Mode,” which was teased by CEO RJ Scaringe on his Twitter earlier this week:

In less than a minute, Scaringe rattles off a number of new functions Rivian EVs will be able to perform to offer quiet, comfort, and visibility while out in the elements, but its a new automatic leveling feature that might be the coolest part of “Camp Mode.” Have a look.

Camp Mode arrives just in time for Labor Day weekend

According to a recent blog post from Rivian, its latest software update in now available to R1T and R1S owners to experience Camp Mode for themselves this weekend, whether it’s in their driveway or out in the sticks somewhere.

As you can see above and below, Rivian’s new Camp Mode allows owners to activate custom leveling adjustments at each wheel to provide a flat and even surface for you and your camping buddies.

Camp mode also lets Rivian EVs optimize their energy usage when parked in addition to the software’s “normal” energy setting that already exists. Per Rivian:

Camp mode introduces two more: ‘Stay off’ and ‘Stay on.’ The latter keeps the vehicle fully awake so you can use climate control, play music, and use other features while inside. ‘Stay off’ turns off all the outlets, Gear Guard video and most other features, including the Center display. For those instances when you may be camping close to others and want to minimize potential disturbances, ‘Camp courtesy’ turns off all exterior lights, sounds, and proximity locking. Once it’s engaged, climate controls will also run at a quieter level.

Other Rivian Camp Mode features offer the ability to set timers for the charging ports or outlets and turn off the interior displays. Plus, you can now light your campsite with flood lights located in the side mirrors:

Surprise! Your R1 now has flood lights. These lights are located on the front of each side view mirror and can be controlled individually. They also work with the mirrors folded in. That means if you’re parked parallel to your campsite, you can choose to fold in the mirrors and illuminate the side of your campground without having to point your R1 directly at it.

Rivian points out that most of the features of Camp Mode are only available when the R1T or R1S is parked, and the automaker recommends resetting the EV’s ride height before driving again after you’ve leveled out.

We hope some of you lucky Rivian owners get to test out Camp Mode this weekend, be sure to send us an update how it goes!

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