Tesla shares stunning images of extreme heat and durability testing in Dubai


Tesla shared some rare and stunning images of its internal vehicle testing; this time, for extreme heat and durability testing in Dubai.

Since it has dissolved its PR department, Tesla has only rarely shared images of its internal testing.

The automaker has a proving-ground facility in Alaska for cold weather testing.

Now we learn that for extreme heat and durability testing, Tesla is bringing its vehicles to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Tesla announced on Instagram:

Our field quality engineers head to Dubai at the hottest time of the year for extreme heat and durability testing. Temperatures reach over 122°F/50°C.

The automaker appears to have brought its full lineup of electric vehicles for testing:

Tesla killed two birds with one stone with this trip as it both tested for extreme heat and also got some great shots to use in its marketing:

Tesla appears to have primarily brought Model Y vehicles, but the automaker also appears to have brought a few Model X and Model 3s to Dubai based on the pictures.

The automaker has recently made several updates to its vehicles that likely warrant new testing for durability, including the refreshed Model X, Model 3 with new LFP cells, and several new versions of the Model Y.

Durability testing generally entails pushing vehicles past their limits to see if they can handle extreme conditions and to find potential improvements.

For Tesla, the testing can also help improve things like range predictions using external factors such as temperature readings and elevation. Recently, we reported on Tesla putting a lot of effort on range calculation by including new factors like “crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature” and more recently, it even added things like tire pressure and phone charging.

The climate and terrain in Dubai would offer some prime grounds for some of those tests.

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