Several Tesla employees and contractors at Tesla Gigafactory Texas posted videos on Snapchat from inside the factory – giving us a rare look at the production lines.

Things are ramping up at Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla recently confirmed that the first ‘builds’ of new Model Y vehicles were produced at the factory late last year.

We also recently reported that Tesla is aiming to deliver those first new Model Ys produced at the plant by the end of the quarter, likely in March.

With the release of its latest earnings report, Tesla did release some pictures from inside the factory, but we have only had a limited look so far.

But now we get a rare look inside the factory thanks to some employees and contractors who decided to share their day on Snapchat this week:

They gave us a rare look at some of the production lines inside Gigafactory Texas with a great number of robots visible:

One of the videos also included a look at what appears to be a bunch of completed Model Y vehicles:

It also included images of parts for Tesla vehicles, including motors and tires:

As we previously reported, the start of Model Y production at Gigafactory Texas is not only critical to the company’s growth, but it also marks the launch of a new version of the electric SUV featuring Tesla’s new structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells.

The idea is to produce large cylindrical cells and package them into a single module battery pack that also acts as the structural platform on which you install the vehicle’s body.

CEO Elon Musk has touted the technology as a “manufacturing revolution” in the auto industry.

Tesla has yet to reveal how the new architecture is going to affect the specs of the new version of the Model Y, but the details are expected to come out soon after the EPA and NHTSA get their hands on one for regulatory approval.

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