Taiwanese scooter giant KYMCO has just announced a new version of its latest electric scooter, the Like 125 EV. And it’s soon headed to the European market where it will be priced at a steal.

KYMCO’s Like scooters are popular in Europe as affordable, low-power commuters.

The Like 125 EV is an electric version of the popular scooter, and KYMCO has just announced an updated model for 2022.

The scooter is powered by a 3.2 kW motor, offering 4.3 horsepower. That might not sound like much, but the 124 Nm (91 ft-lb) of torque at the rear wheel shows that electric scooters don’t need quite as much power as their gas-powered cousins in order to achieve quick takeoffs.

KYMCO’s Ionex swappable batteries are stored under the seat, where two of the battery packs power the scooter. The small batteries are rated at just 50V and 13Ah each, or around 650 Wh. That’s equivalent to the battery capacity in a lot of electric bicycles these days.

The small size keeps the batteries nice and lightweight though, at around 5 kg (11 lb) each.

And the Like 125 EV even has an extra battery trick up its sleeve. If both of the removable batteries are being charged, owners can still take their scooter out for a ride thanks to a built-in battery that remains in the unit. With the removable batteries draining first, the 550 Wh built-in battery should still offer riders enough juice for a short local trip while the other batteries are on the charger.

Under the seat is a 27L storage compartment. KYMCO says that it’s large enough to fit a full face helmet or three spare IONEX batteries.

When maxed out with five batteries on board, the claimed range of the scooter is just shy of 200 km (120 miles).

In addition to its large battery capacity, the Like 125 EV has a number of other features. A turn-by-turn GPS screen is integrated into the scooter’s display next to the usual suspects like the speedometer, battery gauge, and power meter. The glovebox includes a USB charger for devices, and the 110 kg (242 lb) scooter also sports a reverse gear to make parking and close-quarters maneuvering easier.

The Like 125 EV is also expected to enter the European market for an entry-level price. According to Ride Apart, it will cost a mere €1,200 (approximately US $1,360), making it one of the most affordable options yet.

Compared to some of the other fancier and higher power electric scooters that KYMCO is working on, the Like 125 EV is certainly on the entry-level end of the company’s model lines.

The future of KYMCO’s electric vehicle development remains in question though, as the company has hinted that it may spin off its electric division into a new startup, similar to the way Harley-Davidson spun off LiveWire as a new brand.

That move would align with previous signals from KYMCO’s CEO, who has expressed interest in distancing the Ionex brand from KYMCO’s core gas-powered two-wheeler operations.

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